Recently, I returned from a visit to Aspen to check out the farmer's market and local restaurants. This was my first visit to the small town, and I have to admit that I had absolutely no idea what to expect. How was it, you might ask?

Posh. In one word, Aspen is posh. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, this swanky scene is much more than your average ski town. Downtown Aspen was eerily familiar, like shopping on Manhattan's upper east side. What were Prada, Fendi and Loro Piana doing in Rockies?

I should have gotten a clue when we passed the lines of shiny G5 private jets at the local airport. I don't think these people were visiting Aspen for the farmer's market.

When I did arrive at the Aspen farmer's market, I found it to be a very sweet collection of farm stands, composed predominantly of desserts offerings. Envision farm stands situated before stores like Prada. Out of place, but very sweet!

Beautiful fruit tarts made by Louis' Sweet Pastries. Ah! I could have died and gone to heaven!!!

Incredible dense, chocolate-y brownies from Cloud Nine Brownies. Thank goodness they ship!

And a few veggies in between. After all, we do need something to counter all that sugar.