Recently my husband enticed me with his description of a very decadent wagyu beef burger at BLT Steak in New York. To which I replied, "Really? Isn't that like fat on fat?" Intensely marbled beef in a notoriously fattening format. He contends it probably one of the best types of beef he has eaten.

Wagyu beef, it sounded so exquisite and luxurious that I had to try this meat for myself.

As it happens, I chanced on finding wagyu on the menu at Bouchon Bakery at Columbus Circle. It was a panini pressed sandwich layered with shaved corned wagyu beef, water cress and hot mustard. I'm not sure if it was the wagyu beef or if it was the sheer genius of chef Thomas Keller, but it was indeed exquisite, and very decadent.

Of course, I made sure to save plenty of room for dessert.