The Dog Days of Summer

I don't think I fully understood the phrase "the dog days of summer" until I got to east coast. Today is particularly miserable as the mercury hits 95 degrees F with 50% humidity. Not good, but not horrendous, given that the barometer can topple 100%, making the situation utterly unbearable.

What makes it worse in mid-town Manhattan, where I live, is that the cement streets absorb and retain heat, and the tall surrounding sky scrapers block off any breeze coming from shore.

So what do I do?
First, I try not to move too much, there are already enough sources of heat being generated elsewhere. Second, I take several cold showers, like 5-7 in a day. No joke.

Third, I rehydrate with several cold drinks, mostly soft but sometimes hard. And last, I cook sparingly, eating raw or anything frigid like watermelon slices, gazpacho, salads and sandwiches.

I can't wait until fall.