Tender, sweet and delicate, garlic chive blossoms are a great way to enhance dishes with a subtle garlic flavor and add an artistic flair. These flower buds are harvested from garlic chive plants, and commonly used in Asian cuisine, where can be found stir-fried, added to egg dishes or mixed and stuffed into dumplings.

To select garlic chive blossoms, look for young, tender and deep green stems with tightly closed flower buds.

The possibilities of using garlic chives are endless, in breads, pasta or soups. Try using garlic chive blossoms in Sohui Kim’s winning recipe for pork and chive dumplings. Sohui Kim is a chef at The Good Fork in Brooklyn, who was challenged by Bobby Flay with a Throwdown, and ended up showing Bobby how a dumpling is made. Now that's how it should be done!


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