It's been crazy in New York City this week, streets closed, sirens blaring so loudly my head hurts, protests large enough to rival my college days at Berkeley, and a general nervousness due to the heightened security. The UN General Assembly, which has been touted as an event that brings the world to New York, congregates this week bringing with it a world of chaos.

While we're on the subject of chaos, sirens typically blast all day long in Manhattan. When I first arrived here, I took it as a warning and scurried in the other direction, especially if there was a swarm of officers. My husband doesn't like to hear this, but if I spot a crowded scene of officers these days, I buoyantly advance towards it. Yes, it's dangerous, of course it is! But you never know who you'll see!

It's been very difficult to get anywhere around town on foot or street as avenues of traffic have been redirected everywhere except where you needed to go. So for this week, I've taking a reprieve from the typical fresh, local and best grocery shopping, and have turned to the pantry and freezer for inspiration. So what is one ingredient that breaks my rule of buying fresh over frozen?


Top Reasons to Buy Frozen vs. Fresh Shrimp
  1. Previously frozen. Shrimp is typically flash frozen when caught. So if you're buying shrimp from the fish counter, it's likely that it was previously frozen and has been thawed for display. 
  2. Ironically fresher. Once thawed, the shrimp simply ages and you may not know how long the shrimp has been in the thawed state. One hint that shrimp may have been out for too long is a fishy smell. I only have one word of advice: avoid.
  3. Freezer burn. Freezing and thawing multiple times encourages freezer burn. If you purchase frozen, it's likely that the only time the shrimp has been thawed is when you are ready to use it. 
  4. Convenience. If you've lugged home shrimp from the fish counter, you know that it can be a messy experience. Shrimp juices can leak from the paper packaging and you'll easily trace the remnants of liquids from an aging fish smell.  
  5. Cheaper. Perhaps it's the marketing appeal that garners thawed shrimp more dollars, but being an educated consumer will help you save a few bucks, opt for frozen.

What is something that you find superior in frozen vs. fresh form?


KennyT said...

Wow, this is interesting!

I find puff pastry better when it's been frozen, do you agree?

Fresh Local and Best said...

Kenny, that is very good one! My friend Margot of White Hot Oven, who attended pastry school earlier this year, told me that an entire week was dedicated to the making puff pastry from scratch. Lots of ice water, and rotations in and out of the freezer were involved. Apparently, even with sophisticated machinery, she feels that this is one of those items that should be left to the professionals who graciously have their work available in the freezer aisle.

Diana Bauman said...

Here in the midwest, our only option is frozen, that is unless shrimp dwell in murky lake waters, lol! I loved this bit of info! Looking forward to following your blog :)


Fresh Local and Best said...

Thanks for the kind message Diana! I have had fresh water shrimp, and it was surprised to find how different the texture is. What do you grow in your garden?

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I posted similar thoughts and then Serious Eats had a go at it too . Obviously serious eats got a lot more commenting on it if you want to see...